Cloud Storage

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Your information is your most important business asset. Network downtimes, system outages and even environmental disasters can wreak havoc on any unprotected business. In the event of any type of disruption, it is imperative that you have access to your information so you can maintain continuous operations. This means protecting your business with a proven and comprehensive data recovery and data backup plan.

Data protection and backup. Keeping your business up and running.

As records management continues to migrate towards electronic documents, the requirement for cloud storage becomes a necessity. InfoStore provides data protection, business continuity, disaster recovery, online backup and offsite tape vaulting services throughout the Cleveland Ohio and Northeast Ohio areas to ensure your critical business data is safe, protected and available when you need it most.

Cloud storage offers valuable benefits.

Electronic records need to be stored securely while maintaining accessibility. Even with in-house servers, cloud storage offers valuable benefits:

  • Scalable
  • Accessible
  • Encrypted
  • Redundant backup

Cloud Storage

ImageSilo is an ultra-secure, on-demand, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system
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File Bound
FileBound delivers the security needed in a global marketplace where document and information security is essential.
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