Scheduled Document Shredding

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With secure shredding at our facility in Cleveland, Ohio, InfoStore Record can design a scheduled document shredding service to fit your needs. InfoStore knows the importance of regularly scheduled document shredding and we can help keep your business in compliance with all state and federal privacy laws.

Scheduled Document Shredding.

Recurrent shredding services eliminates worries surrounding the status of your documents; far too often, records pile up and go missing within an office when a document management program, including shredding, isn’t in place. We will assist in keeping your workplace an organized and secure one, through professional document shredding services which keep clutter at bay, and your security a top priority. Why not reduce clutter and get rid of those old files that are only taking up unnecessary space? If they are no longer relevant to your day-to-day business and you aren’t legally obligated to store them, secure shredding is your best option.

You have enough responsibilities to keep in check as a business owner; the destruction of your sensitive documents shouldn’t be another one. Let our team say on top of your document shredding needs with cost-effective and trusted service. Don’t waste any more time trying to keep documents organized from storage through until disposal; we offer collection bins that provide a safe and secure place to dispose of these documents. All files remain locked and inaccessible until we arrive to empty them. From “under the desk” containers to large carts and bins, we have a variety of lockable bins to choose from. Place them throughout your office in high-traffic areas to remind staff how important secure disposal is.

What Does Regular Document Shredding Include?

  • Collection bins and containers that are fully lockable for the highest level of security – easily dispose of your sensitive documents in a convenient manner
  • Professional shred specialists handle all aspects of service, ensuring timely and efficient shredding each time
  • On-site document shredding means you aren’t required to travel off-site with your confidential items. We come to you to carry out the entire shred process, using our commercial grade shred trucks, equipped with industry leading shred technology
  • A Certificate of Destruction is provided to each client after service is completed
  • All shredded material is collected for recycling purposes

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Scheduled Shredding for Fast and Convenient Service

When you request our on-going shredding service, you can relax in knowing that our team will offer your business timely and friendly service with each visit. Our shred technicians are highly skilled individuals who undergo thorough training in privacy protection; furthermore, each of us practices strict processes that maintain your privacy from the moment files are collected, through until the shredding process itself. Most of all, we are as flexible as required. We’ll service your shredding needs on a predetermined date and time to work around your agenda.

Whether a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly shredding collection schedule works for you, we are happy to work with you to determine the right schedule that fits your needs. Ongoing document shredding with InfoStore is a stress-free and practical service option for every business.

Regular Document Shredding with InfoStore

When you make the decision to partner with InfoStore Records Center, we make the document shredding process seamless for our customers. Based on your level of document storage and disposal, you decide whether ongoing shredding services would be most beneficial; in most cases, customers see the added value with this service option and enjoy how practical it is. Ongoing document shredding means you aren’t required to book appointments each time your documents begin piling up; a pre-determined collection schedule allows you to continue focusing on important business matters that contribute to the success of your business, not distract you from it.

If you’re having trouble staying on top of your document management needs, now is the best time to consider regular, document shredding to combat this. You will greatly appreciate knowing ahead of time exactly when our specialists will be collecting your files for destruction. Let us discuss with you your options; together we will customize the perfect collection schedule that meets your budget and needs.

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With secure shredding at our facility, InfoStore can design a compliant and confidential document shredding or data destruction service to fit your needs.
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