Hard Drive Destruction

Safe, Secure and Certified Shredding of Hard Drives

Your computer drives are a treasure of company and client data. Drives that have failed or are no longer used still contain a significant amount of recoverable data – data that should never fall into the wrong hands. One of the most common sources of identity and data breaches is improper disposal of electronics. InfoStore’s secure, efficient, certified hard drive shredding renders data completely irretrievable. Let us put your mind at ease and help you protect your company and customer information!

Safe, secure and certified shredding of hard drives

Punch & Crush is acceptable, but the most reliable and secure hard drive destruction method is physical shredding of drives. InfoStore’s hard drive shredding service offers this secure and thorough method! Our process for shredding and disposal of your hard drives will render your information completely irretrievable.

Compliant with regulatory requirements

Our destruction process is compliant with guidelines set forth in the following regulations, helping you stay compliant:

  • HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act covering the privacy of PHI (personal health information)
  • HITECH – widens HIPAAs scope of security & privacy protections, and penalties for violations
  • FACTA – amends the Fair Credit Reporting act, protecting consumers from identity theft
  • GLB – federal law requiring financial institutions to explain how they share and protect their customers’ private information

Hard Drive

NAID AAA Certified

Our process is compliant with the highest industry standards. Our hard drive destruction process includes scanning device codes for audit tracking, then mechanically shredding with our AMS-150HD shredder. Clients receive electronic documentation and a Certificate of Destruction confirming the process is completed.

State of the art equipment

Our professional equipment is capable of shredding SSD (Solid State Drives), conventional hard drives and other electronic media securely and safely. The process leaves only a pile of unreadable debris.

More about our hard drive shredder:

  • Shreds rotary hard drives up to 1″ thick, backup tapes, DVDs, etc.
  • Standard Drives up to 200 per hour
  • Server Drives up to 100 per hour
  • Slow Speed, High Torque
  • Lighted Viewing Window
  • Locked – including bin areas

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We are your total data disposal resource

Commercial and bulk hard drive shredding – we’ll pick up hard drives and other electronic media at your facility for shredding at our secure facility. We maintain strict chain of custody throughout the process, with tracking of your media, secure vehicles, trained and certified staff and drivers, and our surveillance monitored and secured access facility. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Individual/residential hard drive shredding – come to our location with your hard drives and other electronic media for shredding at our secure, surveillance monitored facility. Contact us for specific pricing.

Safe and environmentally sound

All shredded electronic materials are safely and environmentally disposed of via secure, required methods. No toxic materials end up in landfills. Technology waste is a changing field, with federal and state rules about disposal getting stricter. Let us be your partner in protecting you and the environment.

All materials are environmentally disposed of via secure methods.

Other electronic items that should be safely destroyed

InfoStore provides secure destruction services for multiple types of media and various sized drives, including:

  • USBs or flash drives
  • Zip or floppy disks
  • Storage tapes / magnetic tapes
  • DVDs, CDs and other optical media
  • Memory cards
  • Audio, video and micro cassettes
  • Cell phones, PDAs
  • IDs, magnetic keys/cards

Hard Drive

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