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At InfoStore Records, we provide quality human resources and hiring / onboarding management for our clients in the Cleveland, Ohio and Northeast, Ohio areas. Choosing the right employees for your company can be challenging enough, but sometimes the biggest challenges can come from managing the hiring and onboarding process itself. Trying to organize stacks of employee applications, mountains of resumes and piles of cover letters can lead to an inefficient and costly onboarding process.

Creating and establishing a great organization means selecting the best personnel to meet your objectives.

Streamline your new-hire process with Human Resources (HR) automation and employee onboarding solutions from InfoStore. End the paper chase and cut the costs of inefficiency with e-forms, automatically created files, e-mail notifications and scheduled alerts. All with the ability to scan or save documents right into secure, customizable electronic filing cabinets.

Benefits of HR automation and employee onboarding solutions from InfoStore include:

  • Manage and access your personnel files with a secure, organized electronic filing system
  • Enforce strict security of documents and files with easily configurable user settings
  • Efficiently collect necessary information with customizable e-forms for your website or employee portal
  • Easily create, route and review documents with automatic paperless workflows
  • Set scheduled alerts and reminders for performance reviews and time-off requests
  • Be confident your files are complete and compliant with automatic notification of any missing documents

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Human Resources (HR) Onboarding Automation solutions from InfoStore Records can help you transform your hiring and onboarding process from taxing and tedious to easy and automatic.

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