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Accounts Payable Automation

InfoStore is a long-standing and trusted partner in providing accounts payable (AP) automation solutions businesses across North America.

The more efficient your accounts payable automation process is, the better you can do business. With our streamlined solution from InfoStore, you can spend less time chasing paper and more time focusing your staff on the important tasks that keep your business profitable.

Our Cleveland, Ohio based specialists can help make the change from antiquated, paper-heavy invoice approvals to smart, streamlined electronic invoice processing. Capturing invoices in any format, processing payments and storing and viewing the related information have never been easier. From PO Box management services to business software integration, InfoStore end-to-end accounts payable automation solutions can tighten your AP process and reduce your overall cycle times and management costs.

InfoStore accounts payable automation benefits include:

  • Never touch paper/mail again. Eliminates mundane tasks and frees resources to be more productive.
    • Our “Full Service” A/P automation eliminates paper, matching of related documents and data entry – allowing your A/P staff to focus on more productive tasks.
  • All invoices are intelligently captured and visible in the system within 48 hours of receipt.
    • This visibility gives you complete control. Cash management becomes more effective by reducing data entry errors and significantly shrinking process cycle times.
    • This also allows you to take advantage of early pay discounts and negotiate new discounts with suppliers.
  • Substantially reduces costs and saves time.
    • 75% of 997 companies surveyed by report that their cost to process an invoice ranged between $8 and $20. We reduce those costs dramatically, improve accuracy and substantially lower processing and approval time.
  • No software costs.
    • Our custom solution built for each client requires no purchasing of expensive “pre-packaged” software. We help you build workflow and reports designed specifically to meet your requirements.
  • No hidden costs.
    • Our pricing model contains only three components:
      • An On-Boarding fee.
      • A fee per each invoice processed.
      • A fee for each payment made.
  • Improve supplier relationships with status notifications and alerts.
    • Drastically reduce the amount of phone calls, emails, etc. from suppliers regarding payment status, etc. Suppliers can choose their method of payment, while you maintain your relationships with your local community banks.
  • Ease of integration with your current ERP system.
    • Requires very little IT support. We “on-board” our clients in weeks, not months. Our process integrates seamlessly with most ERP systems.
  • Service support is with InfoStore folks.
    • No third party or overseas support. All of our A/P processing and support resides in our facilities under strict security protocol. 
  • Substantial reduction in costs for payment processing, whether it be check printing, ACH, V-card, rebates or wire transfers.

Account Payable

We partner with accounting firms – our accounting solutions are a great value to accounting firm clients. Talk to us about a partnership to provide A/P, workflow or other automation services to your clients.

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