Case Study

Smart Data Protection and Backup

“We recently experienced a disaster that completely shut down our Cleveland facility. We were immediately advised to relocate to our hot-site in Philadelphia to begin our recovery process. InfoStore responded immediately and had our critical data pulled to take with us. When we arrived in Philadelphia we discovered there was one critical tape that we had failed to request. Without this tape we could not complete our recovery process. That is when InfoStore stepped in.”

IT Director
Midwest Financial Institution

Our Solution:

InfoStore got a distress call from our client after they arrived in Philadelphia and realized they did not have all their critical data. They requested the necessary tape and instructed us to send it to them via the fastest service available. They would not be able to complete their recovery and begin servicing their clients again until they received this tape – so expediting delivery was our top concern. Instead of risking a delay in delivery, InfoStore made the decision to fly the tape to Philadelphia on the next available flight (leaving Cleveland within the hour). We also had one of our vault librarians personally escort/hand deliver the tape to our client. Total down time for the client from the point of initially discovering the missing tape was four hours. They were fully operational due to expert service, quick thinking by InfoStore’s management team, and attention to detail.

“We needed secure back-up, 24 hour transportation of media, and absolutely no interruptions. Our business requires us to have up-to-date information accessibility, within compliance, no exceptions. My job depends on it. InfoStore has provided us with outstanding service levels for our vault needs for over 15 years. Their service record is outstanding, the staff is knowledgeable, courteous, clean and uniformed. I see the same delivery faces each day, which speaks for their longevity and the way they treat their employees.”

Data Center Manager
Insurance Industry

Our Solution:

Our legacy of traditional vaulting services rests with our outstanding staff, many of whom have been employed by InfoStore for over 10 years. Our new technologies, like web access and driver scanning, have allowed us to streamline our communications and continue our excellent level of service. Our friendly, knowledgeable, bonded staff have been flexible in adapting our clients to the new technologies all the while being attentive to changing storage needs.

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