Case Study

Secure Document Storage

“We thought we had an efficient system for storing our records, until a misplaced patient file with critical information was lost. We had our own warehouse where we stored and attempted to manage our records; however, files were typically returned improperly indexed and misfiled in the wrong boxes. With this problem escalating, we determined we needed to utilize the services of a commercial records center.”

Practice Manager,
Northeast-Ohio Healthcare Company

Our Solution:

InfoStore first assisted our client with data organization, indexing and movement of their current files to our offsite commercial records center. Through the use of our technology, we were able to organize their files and assist them with finding misplaced data. By streamlining their storage solutions records are now easy to locate and delivered promptly to meet their growing business needs. InfoStore’s solutions have helped them save time, money and lowered their overall business risk.

“As a busy law firm, we have always stored our records in our corporate-owned offices. With recent renovations to our building, we decided to lease out this space to help generate additional revenue for our firm. Our internal staff was struggling with relinquishing control of our records, as we required day-to-day access to the records for our trials and client meetings. Moving our records to InfoStore was a great decision.”

Attorney at Law

Our Solution:

The decision to move files offsite is oftentimes met with internal hesitation. InfoStore was instrumental in initiating a corporate tour of our facilities and providing our client with education on our internal processes for storing their offsite records. By taking advantage of our same day and rush delivery services (within 90 minutes) we assured them access to their files through prompt delivery and courteous staffing, all within their required time constraints. By establishing regular schedules and a detailed retention policy for their record, InfoStore provided an orderly arrangement and helped them to gain control of their business records.

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