Case Study

Document Scanning Solutions

“We are a global manufacturing company with a centralized accounts payable department that processes thousands of invoices each month. Our AP staff was overwhelmed by the volume of requests they received each month for copies of invoices and the time it took to research those requests. We knew we had to find a solution to this problem that would allow our personnel time to concentrate on their core AP functions.

When we asked InfoStore to help us find a solution, their knowledgeable imaging sales team came up with a custom plan for our company that included scanning our documents and even offered secure data storage on the back end. One tour of their imaging headquarters showed us they offer a well organized and structured process as well as efficiencies and high quality output that clearly set them apart from the other vendors. Today we have between 250-300 users worldwide that have instant access to our invoices. And we no longer spend countless hours and money on researching requests for documents. Scanned invoices are so clear you can’t tell the difference on-screen from scanned to original”

Accounts Payable Manager,
Large Manufacturing Company

Our Solution:

InfoStore provided our customer with a high quality, cost-effective document scanning solution that included scanning, indexing, storage and retrieval capabilities. We have scanned over 5.25 million pages for our customer and all images are readily available online for access by their users. Our custom imaging solution helped our customer reduce costs and improve efficiencies; all while maintaining accurate data at their fingertips.

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