Intelligent and Streamlined Accounts Payable Automation Solutions

InfoStore helps manufacturers and distributors centralize, streamline, schedule, stay compliant and manage with ease. Build stronger relationships with suppliers, customers and your workforce, with InfoStore’s solutions that provide automated processes and systems. Be confident you have a proven partner that can help you overcome any of your information management challenges, whether it’s streamlining A/P, HR or business processes; going to a paperless office to save space and time; managing risk and protecting business data; staying compliant with today’s rigorous industry regulations; or something else. Let the experts at InfoStore help you reduce cost and risk and increase your productivity with a solid information management framework.

Manage your information with InfoStore’s solutions for Document Scanning, A/P Automation and Human Resource Onboarding. Contact us for a no-obligation Quote.


InfoStore is an experienced and proven partner in providing document scanning solutions to businesses throughout Cleveland, Ohio and the northeast Ohio area. From document preparation to system implementation, InfoStore can design a solution to reduce paper, reduce risk and reduce the costs associated with traditional filing systems.

InfoStore’s intelligent document scanning solutions convert paper documents to digital images in order to:

  • Save time and money by decreasing the amount of time spent filing and retrieving paper file
  • Reduce or eliminate the expensive office space required to store paper, files and boxes
  • Improve response time for information retrieval requests, internally and for your customers
  • Cloud-based software deployment eliminates the need for expensive equipment and large initial capital investments
  • Instantly access and securely share any of your scanned documents from a centralized onsite or online storage portal
  • Prioritize tasks and urgent documents
  • Upload scanned document images directly from your networked desktop scanners or multi-functional copiers


InfoStore’s intelligent capture for A/P automation accelerates your accounts payable – to capture, process, approve and manage with ease. InfoStore is a long-standing and trusted partner in providing accounts payable (AP) automation software solutions to Cleveland Ohio and The Northeast Ohio area businesses. With a streamlined solution from InfoStore, you can spend less time chasing paper and more time focusing your staff on the important tasks that keep your business profitable.

What if you could…

  • Transform your A/P department into a profit center?
  • Save $ on invoice processing?
  • Have complete visibility into your current A/P status – at any time?
  • Accelerate cycle times to eliminate late payment penalties?
  • Capture and negotiate early-pay discounts?
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and improve supplier relationships?
  • Have complete control of A/P cash management?
  • Have better and more timely data to assist with 3-way match?
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP system?


Choosing the right employees for your company can be challenging enough, but sometimes the biggest challenges can come from managing the hiring and onboarding process itself. Automate and digitize your new-hire process, and your growing amount of HR documents to create faster, easier, and more secure processes. See how a centralized platform for managing all the processes and paperwork supporting your HR functions can improve your department.

InfoStore’s Human Resources and Onboarding automation benefits include:

  • Manage and access your personnel files with a secure, organized electronic filing system
  • Complete visibility to all current and historic applicants
  • Enforce strict security of documents and files with easily configurable user settings
  • Efficiently collect necessary information with customizable e-forms for your website or employee portal
  • Easily create, route and review documents with automatic paperless workflows
  • Set scheduled alerts and reminders for performance reviews and time-off requests
  • Be confident your files are complete and compliant with automatic notification of any missing documents
  • Optimizing hiring procedures and employee collaboration
  • Minimizing the amount of paper, time, and money
  • Increased strategic planning for business growth
  • Streamlining workflows and highly repetitive tasks
  • Eliminating manual errors and time-consuming paperwork processing
  • Quick and easy access to all necessary HR documents

Partnering with InfoStore means experience.

InfoStore has been a provider of innovative and proven solutions to the Cleveland Ohio and northeast Ohio area for over 100 years. Contact the experts at InfoStore now for a no obligation education information management quote.

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