Intelligent Information Management Solutions

Law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies are experiencing change at a fast pace. The legal industry has evolved from years of overwhelming paper-based discovery and review practices, to an environment where the majority of documents are stored electronically or converted into electronic format. This technological evolution has increased the volume of information legal professionals need to review.

InfoStore can help

InfoStore invests in industry leading electronic document management software to ensure the safety, confidentiality and accuracy of your documents. Our services are intended to reduce the time and resources legal departments allocate towards searching for documents that they cannot find or reproducing information that already exists. Electronic Document Management (EDM) eliminates this waste of time by creating an organized system based on simplicity and accessibility.

Document Scanning

Convert your paper-based documents into easily accessible, organized and stored digital documents. InfoStore can export digital images into single-page or multi-page .pdf or.tiff format. In addition, InfoStore can create a customizable load file, including Summation, Concordance, IPRO, and Ringtail. eDiscovery Solutions – InfoStore handles processing and conversions locally at our production facility so we can immediately respond to your requests. InfoStore provides preliminary de-duplication and filtering of native files and state-of-the-art software to process and convert emails, eDocs, and native files. Extracting important information is crucial to the success of your cases.

Document Indexing/Coding

Each project is unique. Our team has experience with a variety of coding and indexing techniques and we will work with you to format your digital documents with customized fields and naming conventions for easy identification.

Online Review

InfoStore offers web-based (online) review tools that enable you to search, organize, categorize, annotate, cull and produce information. Reduce the time and resources you need to allocate to the search and review process while protecting the integrity of your data. Online tools enable remote, secure access to your data for concurrent review by members of your team, regardless of location.

Partnering with InfoStore means experience.

InfoStore has been a provider of innovative and proven solutions to the Cleveland Ohio and northeast Ohio area for over 100 years. Contact the experts at InfoStore now for a no obligation education information management quote.

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