Back-office automation? No way. I’ll lose my job!

You wouldn’t believe how many A/P people respond this way when approached with an automation solution that saves money, time, relationships… and even their jobs!

Departments such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, etc…, are laden with paperwork, spreadsheets, lost files, upset suppliers, phone calls, and more. It keeps people in these areas busy and secure in maintaining their jobs. It also is not very rewarding or challenging. Instead of focusing on value-added services they could perform, many find comfort in performing tasks such as data entry, opening and sorting mail, scanning documents, etc…

InfoStore, LLC, not only helps clients automate their back-office functions, but identifies opportunities for folks to add value to their company by focusing on tasks they never had time to perform in the past.

Here’s a quick example of an accounts payable client that benefit from InfoStore’s services:

InfoStore helped eliminate the opening of mail, data entry and scanning of invoices, thus dramatically reducing errors and duplicate invoices. This resulted in increased visibility of invoices in the system from weeks to days (cash flow?). The need for writing checks for payments was also eliminated.

So, what happened to all those people that used to perform those tasks?
Now they focus on:

  • Negotiating early pay discounts with suppliers
  • Reducing invoice exceptions, removing delays in processing
  • Converting suppliers from payments by check to ACH or V-card payments


Life becomes more rewarding while saving time, money and relationships. Isn’t it time to change your life?

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