Here’s Why Your Workplace Should Prioritize Document Scanning

With a growing amount of day to day operations happening on computers, looking for information on paper documents can start to become a headache, not to mention create unnecessary data security risks. As more and more businesses and industries move to working entirely electronically, many have found a new problem with how to access older physical records and documents efficiently.

If you work in a workplace with at least one computer in it, chances are that there is also a printer or scanner somewhere nearby as well. Document scanning may sound like a mundane task at first, but the reality is that it has become a key task for many businesses; so much so that dedicated document scanning services have been developed and are widely employed across all sorts of various industries. Professional document scanning comes with many benefits and having a dedicated service handle your scanning needs can present even more unique and valuable benefits.

Disaster Recovery – Don’t Lose Your Data!

One of the biggest reasons many organizations have started taking document scanning seriously is because of the recovery opportunities it provides. Being able to have electronic backups of physical documents reduces the risk of losing information in the event of a disaster event including a breaking, fire or natural disaster event.

Going another step further, having electronic copies of data means that you can easily and safely store backup copies at various physical locations, further reducing the risk of losing data in the event of a major disaster such as a flood, tornado or hurricane. Many businesses across the United States realize that these are very real and serious threats, and document scanning is a key component to the recovery and backup plan.


One of the most practical day to day benefits of document scanning is the easier and higher accessibility to documents. Electronic copies of documents can be shared with anyone around the world instantly and can easily be located if you maintain an organized electronic file system. On average, employees spend 19.8% of their working time simply looking for information. Any effort that can shrink that number means more hours spent doing actual work!

Let the Pro’s Do the Work!

You may be wondering why hire a professional service for document scanning. The cost to scan documents in an efficient and high-quality manner at the same time is very high due to the equipment required to achieve good results quickly.

Having a professional service also means that you won’t need to tie up valuable floor space housing the necessary equipment. High speed document scanning equipment can take a significant amount of space, and office floor-space is highly valuable.

Having a professional scanning service handle your document scanning needs means that you won’t have to worry about training staff or putting together a scanning protocol. Both things can end up being timely and require intense ongoing maintenance and vigilance to ensure that staff are always up to date on the latest procedures, that staff are following procedures, and that protocols are being updated as needed.

InfoStore Is Here When You Need It Most

A major thing that businesses don’t forecast when planning their document scanning system is the volatility in demand. Our team of scanning experts are here when you need them most; even through the ups and downs of scanning demand.

If your business is ready to get serious about its disaster recovery plan, is looking to streamline day to day operations, and needs a partner they can rely on, InfoStore has you covered

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