Kodak Ngenuity 9125DC (Duplex, Color)


Ngenuity’s innovative design packs in smart features that make a big impact in helping you spend less time sorting paper, adjusting scanner settings and worrying about image quality, and more time streamlining your document workflow and boosting your bottom line.

Central admin console w/ customizable “Job Function” buttons; 50-page ADF; 24 ppm simplex; 50 ipm duplex @ 200dpi; Enhanced security; LDAPS, FTPS & HTTPS; CCD image sensor; full-size keyboard; large 24 bit color 8.4” touch screen; scan to email, network folder, fax, & PDF; double feed detection, hard & embossed card scanning.

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Scan a Wider Range of Documents

Everything from rice paper to plastic cards to stuffed envelopes and cardstock to photos and long EKG strips is fair game for Ngenuity. With an unlimited daily duty cycle, Ngenuity breezes through documents up to 12.5 inches wide and 200 meters long at speeds that are among the best in its class: 150 pages per minute in bitonal, color and grayscale at 200 dpi. You don’t have to sacrifice long-term efficiency for short-term speed. Some components on the scanner have been tested to last for more then 50 million scans.

Straight Pass Through Paper Path and Document Modes Add Versatility

While most documents can make their way easily through the scanner’s rotary path, Ngenuity includes an alternative “straight pass through” paper path for exception documents (such as stuffed envelopes and laminated cards) that cannot make the turn on the rotary path. Special document scanning modes auto-adjust Ngenuity’s feeding and transport scanner settings for very long, folded or fragile documents.

Auto-Adjustable Feeder Tray Holds 40% More Documents

Ngenuity’s feeder tray holds 700 documents— 40% more than other scanners in its class. The tray also rises and falls-literally-in perfect sync with your batch size thanks for Variable Feeder Tray Capacity control, which remembers your most recent batch size. And since the feeder does not restrict you to manufacturer -set batch size limitations, you can scan almost any size batch you want faster than ever before. The feeder tray’s capacity and innovative technology save you valuable time when loading and switching batches.

Easy to Install, Use and Maintain

Ngneuity features a USB 2.0 port and cable to make it easier to connect the scanner to the PC, It has a SCSI port as well. Much of the scanner functionality can be accessed directly through the PC. For example, the User Utility allows you to track the total number of scans and monitory maintenance schedules. Ngneuity’s user-friendly interface with front panel functionality provides easy access to frequently used features and includes two usercustomizable function buttons.

True American Ngenuity Offers Top Value

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., Ngenuity’s steel paper path and long-lasting parts (including protective sealed CCD cameras, LED lights that last the life of the scanner and rollers that last for 600,000 scans) ensure that the scanner is able to withstand the many challenges of any hardworking production environment. This means a low overall cost of scanner maintenance and ownership.

Kodak Ngenuity 9125DC (Duplex, Color)
Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year, 72 Hour Response
Document Size
Maximum ADF Capacity 700
ADF Minimum 1.7 x 2.5 in.
ADF Maximum Standard = 12.5 x 40 in; Long Document Mode = up to 219 yards
Scanning Speed
Bitonal, Duplex 250 ipm @ 200 dpi, Landscape
200 ipm @ 200 dpi, Portrait
Bitonal, Simplex 100 ppm @ 200 dpi, Portrait
125 ppm @ 200 dpi, Landscape
Color, Duplex 125 ppm @ 200 dpi, Landscape
100 ppm @ 200 dpi, Portrait
Scanner Key Features
Imprinting Optional pre– and/pr Post-scan
Scanning Mode Duplex
Document Feeding ADF
Daily Duty Cycle Unlimited
Resolution 600 dpi
Color Drop Out Blue
Interface SCSI
USB 2.0
Driver Support
Driver Support Image Controls

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